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Are your children having the best education in Wales?

What are CDSM doing?

So, you’ve probably heard a lot about us – we talk a lot about the cool new features we’re adding to Hwb, and the impact that’s having on learners in Wales, but if you don’t work in education, you might still have a few questions.

Well, let us give you a crash course – Hwb is Digital Learning for Wales!

(Welsh version available here)

Hwb is a digital learning platform, specifically focused on helping teachers and other educators, and it’s helping to transform modern classroom teaching. Not only is our online space packed full of educational materials, but it is also an opportunity for teachers to collaborate and share resources to make sure your children receive the best Wales has to offer.

Learning for children 3-19 years of age has taken on new heights, and here at CDSM, we have helped enable that.

How will your children benefit?

Hwb is bilingual, and allows teachers access to Hwb+, Office 365 – HwbMail, Just2Easy, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and 360 degree safe Cymru. This means Hwb is a gateway to a huge amount of resources that will help your children learn better in a modern digital age.

Not only does Hwb grant access to these incredible resources, it also includes PISA Skills, a powerful way to help your child prepare for the International Student Assessment tests 15 year olds in more than 65 countries across the world are required to take. These focus on real life applications of academic material which means Hwb and PISA are helping your children gain skills for life.

How can parents use Hwb?

The internet is a huge place, and your children’s safety is a big concern – not only for you, but for CDSM along with our SWGfL partners too. That’s why Hwb has a fantastic e-Safety zone to give both you and your kids advice. You can check it out here.

Throughout Wales, Hwb is working to ensure that your children receive the best education possible – and even better, Hwb is always improving and developing. Check us out today.


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Stop, Collaborate, and E-Learn – Infographic

Don’t miss out, we’re all doing it!

To savour our precious time and money, collaborating with other L & D departments is becoming ever necessary. In fact, it’s becoming the norm in whichever industry you are in, and that’s because of the awesome benefits.

If you want to plug that dawning skills gap, widen your network, or just share your valuable experiences to make the market flourish further, clubbing together can make your projects even more exciting, and your customers even happier!

So, go on…share our infographic today and a beautiful partnership could develop tomorrow!

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Club Together Infographic

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