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Aggregating and Creating…Hwb just got easier

In the best traditions of agile software development, we have updated and improved Playlists just two weeks after its initial release.

Playlists (so simple to use that 400 playlists have been created by teachers on Hwb already) offers teachers in Wales a perfect solution for the creation of rich, attractive and contemporary web-ready teaching and learning content. The latest release includes eight new authoring blocks that seamlessly blend the use of instructional text and supporting imagery.

playlist3 (2)


Teachers across Wales can create teaching resources for use in their classrooms by digitising their own knowledge and experience. They can also blend them with resources from Hwb, Encyclopaedia Britannica, ImageQuest & Google Safe Search.



At CDSM, we passionately believe that teachers are best placed to change and adapt to a new and demanding curriculum. Teachers know where teaching and learning resources are required and they have the skills and experience to fill those gaps. That is why we have created Playlists to hand the power of knowledge creation and distribution to those who work so tirelessly for the education of our young people.



We are proud to be a Welsh company and we are constantly trying to improve the tools and experiences for teachers and learners alike. Through the Hwb project we have the opportunity to do just that. We’re always interested to hear about the dynamic and inspiring ways that you are using Playlists in your classroom, so feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think.

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Available in Welsh here


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