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3 Ways the UK Automotive Sector Can Become More Competitive – Text Only

There are currently over 30 million vehicles on the road in the UK, but – even as the 7th biggest automotive provider in the world – the UK is still falling short. So how can the UK improve its performance and climb the rankings?

At CDSM, we have a lot of experience in helping companies within the automotive sector, and consequently are now in a position to have expertise to share. Check out the new CDSM Infographic to find out more:

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3 Ways the UK Automotive Sector can become more competitive

 £59.3 billion turnover each year

30 million vehicles on the road

UK is the 7th best place to do business in the world

2350 automotive suppliers in the UK (majority SME)

731,000 people employed in UK Automotive sector

18,000 apprentices working in automotive retail


UK’s International Performance on Workforce Skills are currently not strong enough:

  • UK: 2.76
  • France, Germany, Italy, Spain: 3.88
  • Central, Eastern Europe: 3.07
  • Brazil, Russia, India, China: 3.07

Having more skilled workers is urgent –

3 things you can do…

1. Create on-boarding e-learning…

–          Demonstrate lucrative opportunities

–          Develop a better recruitment process

–          Train staff from the get-go with your expertise

–          Attract top STEM subject graduates

2. Design high quality learning…

–          Training currently lacks coherence and traction

–          Inspire employees to learn on the job

–          Develop achievable and effective framework’s

–          Blended learning is proven to be the most effective

3. Pathways for leadership and management…

–          To maintain supply chain development

–          Create long term employees and retain their skills

–          Improves UK knowledge and creates a stronger skill set internationally

CDSM have proved that Digital Learning is the way forward:

10,000 employees – 32 countries – 14 languages – 9 modules – 731 pages of e-learning content – 79 activities – 48 assessments – 25 videos = GOLD e-learning award!

Honda Results:

81% Average Satisfaction

92% wanted more e-learning in that format

88% felt the e-learning objectives were met

Sales Advisor:

  • “The format and layout made it easier to stay focused.”

Sales Manager:

  • “The content is delivered in bite sized sections – perfect for real world time management.”

Sales Advisor:

  • “Information nice and succinct. No Fluff.”

Service Manager:

  • “Very simple to follow and user friendly.




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