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Never Stop Learning

Our CEO, Dan Sivak, explains the thinking behind CDSM’s new strapline ‘never stop learning’…

CDSM’s previous company strapline was ‘our solutions your success’. It worked…well sort of – it was a catch-all phrase, flexible enough for us to get away with. However, as the business grew, we often acknowledged the need to change it. Seriously, you shouldn’t so much ‘get away with’  your company strapline, but more stand by it, be proud of it – after all, it acts as your motto, so it should mean something!

A company strapline conveys a message that reflects upon your core business values and activities. It should resonate positively with clients and related audiences alike. So this year, we put our heads together and re-imagined our strapline.

Never Stop Learning CDSM Strapline

‘Never Stop Learning’ has been enthusiastically received by colleagues and clients alike. Some felt that it clearly associated CDSM with our core business activities (i.e. the design and development of learning technologies), whilst others simply remarked that it “felt like us.”

For the purpose of this blog post, I revisited some of the notes we made during the re-imagining process. Interestingly, as well as considering what ‘never stop learning’ meant as a whole, we also chose to break the phrase down into its three parts:


This word describes our commitment – to learning and development, to our customers and their end users, to the development of digital learning technologies and to our positive effect on those we come into contact with.


At CDSM, we simply don’t stop! There is always a discussion happening, an idea being developed upon, or some conceptual debate taking place about how we can improve something. We never stop, there’s just too much to do!


We live and love to learn. CDSM is a culture that nurtures insight, innovation and wisdom. It’s a rich and rewarding place to be if you actively seek to learn and to develop, and we like to think that this extends to those who partner with us too.

Each word on its own had a pertinent meaning, and together they created a phrase that offered more than the sum of its parts. That’s why we felt that, with these three simple words, we had successfully captured the essence of CDSM.

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