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Honda’s Compliance Course Set for Success

Honda E-Learning Course Results

Thanks to their partnership with CDSM, Honda Motor Europe are well on their way to achieving their legal compliance targets with their Core Curriculum Minimum e-learning programme.

As part of the EU Block Exemption Regulation ruling, it is essential that this e-learning programme is completed across all Honda dealerships in Europe by a specific date. However, this didn’t mean that the course had to fall into the common traps of standard compliance learning, which can and often be dull and disengaging for the learner.

CDSM’s rollout of Honda’s Core Curriculum Minimum programme has enjoyed first-rate feedback from end users across Europe, many of whom noted its appealing and engaging nature.

“The information is nice and succinct. No fluff.”

– Andrew Williams, Sales Advisor

“Nice design, photos, background – good use of imagery.”

 Annie Last, Sales Manager

“The format and layout made it easier to stay focused.”

 Darren Hall, Sales Advisor

The course is currently smashing the target pass rate of 25% per country (as of the end of June 2015). With an average pass rate of nearly 62%, and with some countries even hitting the 90–100% mark, it’s clear that Honda have a successful e-learning rollout on their hands.Not only has a significant improvement on previous Honda e-learning been highlighted, but due to the course being so user-friendly and intuitive, Honda’s support helpdesk are finding things much easier to manage too.

It’s been a long journey for Honda and CDSM, but we’re now seeing all our hard work pay off. And with new e-learning courses being developed and rolled out across the European dealerships, we’re excited to see what else we can achieve together.

If you would like to find out more about the Core Curriculum Minimum project, you can download our Honda Case Study.

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