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Learning at Work Week 2016 #1

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Learning at Work Week 2016 #1

Let us introduce Natalie, the first participant in our Learning at Work Week 2016 blog series.

Natalie Ann Holborow - Instructional Designer at CDSM

Natalie Ann Holborow, Instructional Designer at CDSM

Natalie is an Instructional Designer at CDSM. Her role is to create the content for the e-learning programmes and work closely with the graphics designers to get the design right for the customer. At the moment, Natalie’s current focus is the Honda PLCC project, which allows her the opportunity to work very closely with the customer, a very helpful and rewarding experience.

We asked Natalie – what did you learn at work this week?

“At the moment I am learning to use Honda’s PLCC system, a program which allows the user to manage appointments and contacts throughout the Sales and Aftersales processes. Though challenging, this project has allowed me to build a good rapport with the customer and help me to get to grips with a system in exactly the same way the user would be experiencing it which has helped me to work out exactly how to structure the module in a way which is most engaging and accessible for a new user.”

“I was lucky enough to go and complete the training at a Honda training centre in Belgium with the customer and my project manager and am now writing an instructional module on how to use it. I regularly have phone calls or the occasional meeting to plan out the structure and work through any difficulties quickly to allow for efficient completion of the project and it’s allowed me to work in a way which is more ‘hands on’ than previous projects, where often I’ve simply worked from the source material in text format.”

“I thoroughly enjoy working with customers – to me, building good rapport ensures that the key messages are captured and understood in a way that can often be clearer than just through email or a third person. Getting to grips with an unfamiliar and complex system from the end user’s perspective has allowed me to experience things first-hand as a learner, and has helped me to shape the content in a way I can certainly take with me into future projects.”

Check back tomorrow for the next instalment of our Learning at Work Week 2016 blog series.

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Authored by Tom Coleman, Marketing Executive, CDSM Interactive Solutions


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