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Learning at Work Week 2016 #2

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Learning at Work Week 2016 #2

Let us introduce Rebecca, the second participant in our Learning at Work Week 2016 blog series.

Rebecca Picton-James - Project Manager at CDSM

Rebecca Picton-James, Project Manager at CDSM

Rebecca is a Project Manager at CDSM. As Project Manager, Rebecca’s role entails managing a project team, resource and schedule planning, customer relations and communications, reporting project progress to senior management and identifying and resolving project risks. Rebecca is currently working on the Mitsubishi and Boots projects, which involves producing e-learning content for the retail divisions of the respective companies.

We asked Rebecca – what did you learn at work this week?

“I am currently working towards a level 5 qualification in Management and Leadership. I’ve been given two different text books in work which describe how to be a good project manager in an agile project environment.  I also have weekly 1:1s with my line manager to ensure I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses each week, to allow me to continue improving.”

“Being a young project manager, I had little experience when starting my job. As time goes, I am learning more about the day to day management of a project, from project initiation to final delivery.”

“My training course is encouraging me to do more independent research and in turn, improving my understanding around areas such as strategic and operational management, which is something I had little knowledge of a few months ago. As well as this, it has given me more confidence when communicating with my team and customers.”

Check back tomorrow for the next instalment of our Learning at Work Week 2016 blog series.

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Authored by Tom Coleman, Marketing Executive, CDSM Interactive Solutions


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