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Learning at Work Week 2016 #3

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Learning at Work Week 2016 #3

Let us introduce Darren, the third participant in our Learning at Work Week 2016 blog series.

Darren Wallace - Chief Technology Officer at CDSM

Darren Wallace, Chief Technology Officer at CDSM

Darren is the Chief Technology Officer at CDSM. In his role, Darren sets the strategic, technical roadmap for the business. “My primary goal is to monitor and understand the latest and greatest developments in web application development on behalf of the business and to evaluate how we can apply these technologies to further our ambitions to be the greatest learning technology company in the world!”

“I regularly liaise with all our product stakeholders, both engineers and muggles alike, often acting as a translator between the two. With varying success.”

We asked Darren – what did you learn at work week this week?

“I’m currently learning to use Docker ( which allows me to run multiple, isolated development environments on a single machine, non-destructively.”

“More and more often, YouTube is my first stop when learning a new skill. There are a lot of very clever people out there documenting their experiences, and I find video content really easy to absorb. Of course, I always have the documentation open in one browser, and in another, which is a fantastic resource.”

“I’m often required to evaluate a new technology, development tool or technique. So I’m constantly installing / uninstalling software or tinkering with my system configuration. I’m using Docker so I can make these changes in an isolated, virtual environment without the risk of turning my main development environment into a very expensive aluminium brick.”

Check back tomorrow for the next instalment of our Learning at Work Week 2016 blog series.

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Authored by Tom Coleman, Marketing Executive, CDSM Interactive Solutions


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