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A Useful Business Management Exercise?

mission header

Is developing a clear definition of your organisation’s mission, vision and values a useful business management exercise?

Dan Sivak, CEO of CDSM Interactive Solutions Ltd, gives his thoughts…

At CDSM, we see ourselves as a tight-knit community. Moreover, this is an idea from which we take great pride. We like the fact that we offer friendship and support to one another, creating a productive and positive working environment. In fact, we extend this hand of friendship to our customers, building long-lasting relationships of a professional and personal nature. But what is it that creates this sense of community? Do we have a set of shared traits and values that connect us or does CDSM just work by chance?

Recently, we spent some time revisiting who we are, re-examining our vision, mission and value statements. During the process, we came to the conclusion that we do have a strong, healthy community, which shares a common agenda and works very well together. This is what we came up with:

Our Vision

  • Building a world where learning and development matters.

Our Mission

  • We never stop learning and neither should you.
  • Our mission is to harness contemporary technologies to create learning opportunities for people and their organisations. Learn to succeed!

Our Values

  • Curiosity – values critical thinking and drives discovery and innovation.
  • Integrity – defines a respect for those that you affect in providing a solution, product or service.
  • Reward – provides the necessary motivation and engagement to realise your objectives.
  • Collaboration – harnesses collective experience and intelligence to realise the best way.
  • Passion – gives you strength and enables application at those moments when you and your team need it most.
  • Inclusion – values diversity and difference, providing a richer ecology of perspectives, skills and opportunities to work and play with.

Our sense of community should not be ignored as a factor in our success at CDSM. Like many communities, at its heart there is a home, an office, a city, and even a region, South Wales. CDSM is rich in its ability to be both familiar and different, share aspirations, build better leaning technologies and strive to continually improve. Consequently, dealing with challenges such as disruptive and emergent technologies and changes in learning theory and practice is all part of the landscape of our shared experience.  In fact, we came to understand that we are a community of learners. What we recognise is that it’s our vision, mission and values that underpin and reinforce our community, our shared enthusiasm for work and for each other.

My advice to other leaders is when you decide to consider your vision, mission and values, do so in an open and honest way. Be prepared for and welcome feedback. You need to ask the fundamental questions, and invite responses from across the organisation. I’m not suggesting that the experience is akin to splitting the atom or breaking the four minute mile, but it is a mechanism to check, validate, decide and move on – and in business that is extremely valuable.

Our vision, mission and values ensure we do things well. This ensures we do things with integrity and honesty. This ensures we focus on both our customer and our end-users. This ensures we succeed!

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Stop, Collaborate, and E-Learn – Infographic

Don’t miss out, we’re all doing it!

To savour our precious time and money, collaborating with other L & D departments is becoming ever necessary. In fact, it’s becoming the norm in whichever industry you are in, and that’s because of the awesome benefits.

If you want to plug that dawning skills gap, widen your network, or just share your valuable experiences to make the market flourish further, clubbing together can make your projects even more exciting, and your customers even happier!

So, go on…share our infographic today and a beautiful partnership could develop tomorrow!

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Click image to launch full size version.

Club Together Infographic

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CDSM Customer Service Infographic

Infographic – The DOs and DON’Ts of Customer Service

Customer Service

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty…

Customers are the lifeblood on any business so treating them well should be your company’s top priority.  By exceeding expectations, you can boost customer satisfaction and retention.

“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every-time or we’ll lose them” Kevin Stirtz

70% of customers are influenced by how they feel they’re being treated

Would you recommend a company that has provided a poor service?

Customers judge their experiences more on the timeliness of the interaction than on the final outcome.

A swift response is always impressive, but so is correctly establishing what the customer actually wants, and why.  People appreciate a personal service. Follow up in what you say you’ll do and keep in touch to provide regular updates. Make the most of the personal service you can offer and you’ll reap the rewards.

So what are the DOs and DON’Ts?


Manage customer expectations effectively

Listen to your customer-facing staff

Make sure departments talk to each other

Empower staff appropriately

Ensure your company’s objectives are aligned with service promises to customers


Assume that an online customer experience will replace offline services

Oversell yourself to your customers

Treat customers as transactions

Hide behind the environment systems or process

So, what have we done to make sure our customers feel valued?  We made it personal! Meet the support team as CDSM:

Gareth – Technical Support

Our very own genius

Debbie – Senior Customer Care Executive

The glue that holds it all together

Anna-Marie – Customer Support Administrator

The ticket master of CDSM

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary” Sam Walton

Results from our helpdesk over the last 90 days

Average first response  7.50 hours compared to industry average of 28.40 hours

79% of our end users’ tickets were engaged and responded to within the first hour of a customer raising them

9% – 1-8 hours

6% – 8-24 hours

7% >24 hours

Note: totals may not equal 100% because of rounding

Retaining existing customers – we found that when customer service is good, the result is an increase in customer retention. Happy customers promote us too.

Recent feedback rated our customer service as 100%

“You’ll never have a product or price advantage again.  They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied.” Jerry Fritz

Gareth – “Best part of my role is the problem solving.”

Debbie – “Favourite part of my role is meeting with clients.”

Anna – “I love the team spirit at CDSM as it helps me do a good job”.


Business E-learning Infographic Insights Learning

Stop, Collaborate, and e-Learn text only version

Club Together to Train Better

There’s a great way to get your organisation learning more. Pal up with an L&D department at another company, and together, you can afford the best training for both of your operations. Lots of places are already doing it! So instead of making your budget work harder, make it work smarter by collaborating.

Here’s what findings from a UK Government survey have discovered:

Organisations Just Like Yours Are Doing It!

Over a 12 Month Period:

1/6 of all employers had worked with another organisation to access, develop or share expertise on skills and training. It’s a popular option.

Of these:

Organisations with 100+ employees:

Were twice as likely to find working with another organisation saved money.

Formal arrangements with other organisations were more common (66%).

Organisations with four or fewer employees:

Informal arrangements were more common (60%).

For all organisations:

Over 11% had both formal and informal arrangements.

Trainers Are Collaborating in Your Industry Too.

Organisations are working together on L&D in:

non-market services *35%

business and other services 18%

trade, accommodation and transport 13%

construction 14%

manufacturing 11%

primary sector and utilities 15%

*(health and social work, education, public administration and defence, compulsory social security)

The Benefits of Collaborating on Learning:

Organisations are able to:

Share best practice from previous experiences 50%

Stay up to date with the latest training developments 19%

Plug skills gaps 16%

Save money/make cost efficiencies 13%

Get something more tailored to their needs 13%

Ensure they do not fall behind competitors 7%

Widen their network 4%

Improve staff skills only 3%

Reach Out Today!

Share a link to this infographic with at least one friendly company that you would like to train with. It could be the start of a beautiful new learning and development relationship.

CDSM. Never Stop Learning.