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The Benefits of Adopting Digital Learning

If your business hasn’t entered the rapidly-growing world of digital learning yet, there are plenty of reasons why it should. At CDSM, we are passionate about delivering high quality e-learning and digital solutions that improve performance and enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at how you can harness the power of digital learning to build on your success.

Learning is key not only to economic success, but to achieving our full potential as human beings. There’s no denying it: learning matters. Moreover, digital learning is the way to go. The US Department of Education reviewed previous research into the effectiveness of online learning, with two key findings:

  • Learners in online study conditions performed slightly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction
  • Learners in blended learning conditions performed much better than those receiving face-to-face instruction

We summarised the other important points to come out of the study in an infographic: e-Learning Paints a Pretty Picture. Most notably, it found that giving learners control over their learning has a positive impact. Enabling learners to self-monitor their understanding, giving them additional learning time, and putting them in control of their own interactions with media, all led to greater success.

businesswoman using computer - digital learning

If you’re still tentative about taking the leap, you should also consider the extent to which digital learning plays a key part in business productivity, and how this trend is set to continue in the future. We’ve previously highlighted the cost savings, and according to a Brandon Hall study (1995), digital learning in contrast to traditional classroom instruction:

  • Is quicker to deliver than traditional, classroom-based instruction
  • Increases learner retention
  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves the ability to introduce new products and services
  • Is quicker to update
  • Decreases skills gaps

According to a recent report – Modernising Learning: Delivering Results – over 90% of L&D leaders would like learning technology to enable a quicker response to changing business conditions and organisational change. In spite of all this, a massive 60% of organisations cannot implement a technology-enabled learning strategy due to lack of skills.

How Can CDSM Help?

With award-winning e-learning and digital learning solutions at the heart of what we do, CDSM can provide you with the tools you need for a more productive business, a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce, and a more positive working environment. The proof is in the performance.

There’s never been a better time to go digital.

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Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies, U.S. Department of Education Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development Policy and Program Studies Service, Revised 2010

Modernising Learning: Delivering Results, Towards Maturity, November 2014

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CDSM Learning Software

Working on Major Projects Has Given CDSM a Real Edge

We’ve worked with the Welsh Government, Gleeds, Local Authorities, and even won an award with Honda Europe. So, after demonstrating our extensive experience with cloud solutions, CDSM became a listed supplier on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 6 Framework, starting 2015 with a bang!

PrintBut what is G-Cloud? A solution born from the UK Government’s desire to create a leaner and more efficient public sector IT spend.  More than £500m of business is now being done through G-Cloud, and it’s exciting to hear that 59% of this volume is with SMEs. The IT procurement landscape is changing, and we are not the only ones to notice.

“The G-Cloud programme has made significant progress to date in creating a fairer marketplace for all, boosting opportunities for innovative SMEs and challenging the dominance of inflexible incumbents, while supporting the UK public sector with agile and cost-effective IT solutions.”
– Simon Hansford, CEO of Skyscape

Enter CDSM:  breaking up the monopolies and creating more agile and cost effective services to the public sector.

“For decades the large System Integrators have locked the public sector into expensive and long running contracts that offered little ROI for taxpayers. With the advent of cloud computing, the UK Government has realised that SMEs can offer a more dynamic and cost effective service than the old guard. G-Cloud and the Government Digital Strategy means public sector IT is no longer a closed shop. This is great news for the tax payer.”
– Nik Goile, CDSM’s Head of Delivery

What is G-Cloud getting from CDSM in return?

CDSM is offering a specialist service and raising organisational knowledge of how to implement cloud technology. But how are we really helping customers?

  • We are evaluating cost, security and access in relation to different cloud providers and subsidiary services.
  • We’re planning and documenting the migration of existing services to the cloud.
  • Designing the cloud infrastructure for new digital services to work in the cloud.
  • Designing high performance web solutions.
  • Managing the change process to get the greatest benefits.
  • Making sure everything runs smoothly for all organisations.
  • Designing and implementing systems to pass a CLAS audit.
  • Boosting knowledge and training staff about how to operate within the cloud.
  • Tracking costs and keeping them under control.

G-Cloud 6 continues to deliver transformational benefits to the UK public sector, and CDSM are proud to be part of it.

To find out more about what CDSM are doing with the G-Cloud framework, check out the following links:


EdTech Education Hwb Hwbdysgu Software Wales

Cronni a chreu…Mae Hwb newydd ddod yn haws

Fel sy’n aml yn digwydd ym maes datblygu meddalwedd hyblyg, rydym wedi diweddaru a gwella’r Rhestri Chwarae gwta bythefnos ar ôl eu cyhoeddi yn y lle cyntaf.

Mae Rhestri Chwarae mor hawdd eu defnyddio mae athrawon eisoes wedi creu 400 ohonynt ar Hwb. Mae’n cynnig ateb perffaith i athrawon yng Nghymru ar gyfer creu cynnwys addysgu a dysgu cyfoethog, deniadol a chyfoes ar y we. Mae’r fersiwn diweddaraf yn cynnwys wyth o flociau awduro sy’n darparu ffordd syml ar gyfer defnyddio testun cyfarwyddol a lluniau atodol.

playlist3 (2)


Gall athrawon ledled Cymru greu adnoddau addysgu i’w defnyddio yn eu hystafelloedd dosbarth drwy ddigido eu gwybodaeth a’u profiadau eu hunain. Gallant hefyd eu cyfuno ag adnoddau o Hwb, Encyclopaedia Britannica, ImageQuest a Google Safe Search.



Mae CDSM yn credu’n gryf bod athrawon yn y sefyllfa orau i newid ac addasu i gwricwlwm newydd a thrwm. Mae athrawon yn gwybod pryd mae angen adnoddau addysgu a dysgu arnynt ac mae ganddynt y sgiliau a’r profiad i lenwi’r bylchau hynny. Dyna pam ein bod wedi creu Rhestri Chwarae – er mwyn sicrhau bod y broses o greu gwybodaeth a’i dosbarthu yn nwylo’r rheini sy’n gweithio mor ddiflino er mwyn addysg ein pobl ifanc.


Rydym yn falch o fod yn gwmni o Gymru ac rydym bob amser yn ceisio gwella adnoddau a phrofiadau i athrawon a dysgwyr fel ei gilydd. Mae gennym gyfle i wneud hynny drwy’r prosiect Hwb. Rydym bob amser eisiau clywed am y ffyrdd dynamig ac ysbrydoledig rydych yn defnyddio Rhestri Chwarae yn eich ystafell ddosbarth felly mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni i roi eich barn.

Cofrestrwch i gael ein rhestr bostio sy’n cynnwys y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am ein prosiectau cyffrous yn CDSM!

Business CDSM e-learning E-learning Infographic Insights L&D

Stop, Collaborate, and E-Learn – Infographic

Don’t miss out, we’re all doing it!

To savour our precious time and money, collaborating with other L & D departments is becoming ever necessary. In fact, it’s becoming the norm in whichever industry you are in, and that’s because of the awesome benefits.

If you want to plug that dawning skills gap, widen your network, or just share your valuable experiences to make the market flourish further, clubbing together can make your projects even more exciting, and your customers even happier!

So, go on…share our infographic today and a beautiful partnership could develop tomorrow!

Click here to access the text only version of the Infographic

Click image to launch full size version.

Club Together Infographic

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EdTech Education Hwb Hwbdysgu Wales

Digwyddiadau CwrddHwb

Dyma Hwb.B_5dAjHWAAEHzKy (1)

Os nad ydych chi wedi cyfarfod ag ef yn eich ysgol neu’ch swyddfa eto, gallwch gwrdd â Hwb, fel mae llawer o bobl eraill wedi’i wneud, mewn digwyddiad CwrddHwb.

I’r rheini ohonoch chi sydd ddim yn gwybod yn barod, Hwb yw’r gronfa ddata genedlaethol o adnoddau addysgu a dysgu digidol. Mae hefyd yn borth i adnoddau diweddaraf CDSM, erthyglau a delweddau o safon gan Encyclopaedia Britannica a phecyn ardderchog ar gyfer dysgwyr y cyfnod sylfaen Just2easy.

Ar hyn o bryd, mae Hwb a minnau’n mynd i bob man gyda’n gilydd. Rydyn ni’n ffrindiau pennaf. Mae Hwb hyd yn oed yn llwyddo i fynd â mi i ddigwyddiadau gwych lle rwy’n cael cwrdd â’r holl athrawon a’r gweision cyhoeddus ardderchog sy’n gweithio mor ddiwyd i gynyddu cyrhaeddiad yn ein hysgolion. Fi yw partner Hwb, sy’n gweithio’n dda gan fod Hwb wrth ei fodd yn ganolbwynt sylw pawb. Mae’n mwynhau dangos ei holl driciau newydd a chyflwyno pobl i’r amrywiaeth eang o ddulliau ac adnoddau sydd ganddo i’w cynnig.

Mae Hwb wedi cael ei weddnewid yn ystod y 12 mis diwethaf. Mae’n wasanaeth newydd sbon eto ac yn dechrau denu cryn sylw. Fe wnaeth saith mil o bobl newydd fewngofnodi i Hwb ym mis Chwefror yn unig – nifer fawr, ac mae’r niferoedd yn cynyddu bob mis. Yn ogystal â bod yn adnodd gwych, mae Hwb yn uchelgeisiol, ac ni fydd yn stopio nes bydd pob un o’r pum cant o filoedd a mwy o ddefnyddwyr yng Nghymru wedi mewngofnodi. Felly i’r perwyl hwnnw, mae Hwb a minnau’n cymryd rhan mewn digwyddiadau CwrddHwb sy’n cyfateb i sesiynau cysylltu cyflym ond ym maes addysg. Ein nod yw creu argraff ar athrawon, arweinwyr awdurdodau lleol ac asiantaethau gwella ysgolion yng Nghymru.

Mae CwrddHwb yn sesiynau 2 awr o hyd sy’n dechrau gydag ambell i gyflwyniad gan ymarferwyr pwysig yn y maes. Mae’r cyflwyniadau craff hyn yn enghraifft wych o’r gwaith y mae athrawon yn ei wneud er mwyn sicrhau eu bod yn defnyddio technoleg yn y ffordd orau bosibl yn eu hystafelloedd dosbarth. Ar ôl hyn, bydd y gynulleidfa o athrawon ac arweinwyr ysgolion yn rhannu’n grwpiau o wyth ac yn gweithio eu ffordd o amgylch cyfres o fyrddau wedi’u rhifo, er mwyn ceisio dod o hyd i’r adnodd technegol nesaf i ysbrydoli a herio eu disgyblion.

Rydw i’n cael deg munud gyda phob grŵp i ddangos nodweddion Hwb iddynt. Y peth anodd yw siarad am wyth deg munud heb stopio, gan adrodd hanes Hwb i wyth o wahanol grwpiau.

Mae eu hargyhoeddi yn haws. Wedi’r cyfan, rydw i’n gallu dweud wrthynt fod Hwb am ddim, bod gan bob athro a dysgwr yng Nghymru gyfrif sy’n rhoi mynediad Mewngofnodi un-tro iddynt i: MS Office 365, Hwb+ gan Learning Posibilities ac adnodd 360° safe Cymru gan SWGFL – yn ogystal â holl adnoddau newydd CDSM, wedi’u cynllunio gan athrawon ar gyfer athrawon.

Fe wnaeth pobl ymweld â thudalennau Hwb wyth gant a dau ddeg dau o filoedd o weithiau a mewngofnodi iddo chwe deg saith o filoedd o weithiau.  Wrth gwrs, rydym am weld y rhifau hynny’n dyblu erbyn diwedd y flwyddyn academaidd: dyna sut byddwn yn gwybod bod Hwb yn cyrraedd yr athrawon a’r arweinwyr y cafodd ei gynllunio a’i gomisiynu i’w helpu.

I wneud hyn, mae Hwb yn gwella ac yn datblygu drwy’r amser. Mae ei nodweddion yn ehangu, ac mae pa mor berthnasol ydyw i athrawon ac ymarferwyr ystafelloedd dosbarth yn tyfu. Erbyn canol mis Ebrill, bydd Hwb wedi cyhoeddi 5 nodwedd newydd, gan gynnwys Rhestri Chwarae a Rhwydweithiau Hwb. Nodweddion arloesol fel y rhain fydd yn llunio sylfaeni’r gwaddol rydym yn ei greu yng Nghymru. Y nodweddion hyn mae Hwb a minnau wedi bod yn eu harddangos yn nigwyddiadau CwrddHwb.

Rydym wedi cael ymateb cadarnhaol iawn gan athrawon, hyd yn oed gan y grwpiau sy’n gwrando ar fy nghyflwyniad olaf yn y digwyddiadau. Mae athrawon yn gweld manteision yr adnoddau ar unwaith ac yn gwerthfawrogi pa mor hawdd a syml yw eu rhoi ar waith. Yr ymateb mwyaf cyffredin rydw i’n ei gael yw’r cwestiwn: “Ac mae hyn i gyd ar gael am ddim ar Hwb?!” Yr ail yw “Felly lle galla’ i gael gafael ar fy manylion mewngofnodi eto?”

Os nad ydych chi wedi cwrdd â Hwb eto, gwnewch yn siŵr eich bod yn dod i ddigwyddiad CwrddHwb. Gallwch weld rhestr o ddigwyddiadau ar y gweill Hwb – ac mae’r ddau ohonom yn gobeithio eich gweld chi yno.

Business E-learning Infographic Insights Learning

Stop, Collaborate, and e-Learn text only version

Club Together to Train Better

There’s a great way to get your organisation learning more. Pal up with an L&D department at another company, and together, you can afford the best training for both of your operations. Lots of places are already doing it! So instead of making your budget work harder, make it work smarter by collaborating.

Here’s what findings from a UK Government survey have discovered:

Organisations Just Like Yours Are Doing It!

Over a 12 Month Period:

1/6 of all employers had worked with another organisation to access, develop or share expertise on skills and training. It’s a popular option.

Of these:

Organisations with 100+ employees:

Were twice as likely to find working with another organisation saved money.

Formal arrangements with other organisations were more common (66%).

Organisations with four or fewer employees:

Informal arrangements were more common (60%).

For all organisations:

Over 11% had both formal and informal arrangements.

Trainers Are Collaborating in Your Industry Too.

Organisations are working together on L&D in:

non-market services *35%

business and other services 18%

trade, accommodation and transport 13%

construction 14%

manufacturing 11%

primary sector and utilities 15%

*(health and social work, education, public administration and defence, compulsory social security)

The Benefits of Collaborating on Learning:

Organisations are able to:

Share best practice from previous experiences 50%

Stay up to date with the latest training developments 19%

Plug skills gaps 16%

Save money/make cost efficiencies 13%

Get something more tailored to their needs 13%

Ensure they do not fall behind competitors 7%

Widen their network 4%

Improve staff skills only 3%

Reach Out Today!

Share a link to this infographic with at least one friendly company that you would like to train with. It could be the start of a beautiful new learning and development relationship.

CDSM. Never Stop Learning.


Blended Learning e-learning Infographic Insights Study

E-Learning Paints a Pretty Picture – Infographic

The US Government has researched all the studies carried out on e-learning effectiveness over the past few years. We thought the report was a little on the heavy side, so for your benefit, we have made it more digestible in the form of a CDSM infographic.

Here’s the proof that e-learning kicks pass rates:

Click here to access the text only version of the Infographic

Click image to launch full size version

info2_1024px width

Enjoy, and by all means, share with your colleagues!


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